Ben Willers
Graphic Communication



MA Design


  University of Lincoln MA Design Show 2011
Hey Barrie, designers do draw…

Two cultures exist in data visualisation; very technical analysis-orientated work and artistic pieces with a focus on aesthetics. One is concerned with efficient communication to enhance our knowledge and understanding, the other operates on an emotional level that may be considered both enigmatic and captivating. It was the intention of this investigation to explore methods of visualising quantitative information to develop new styles of visual language that balance form and function.

Visualising my own collection of data has allowed me to create documents of my activities, providing others with an opportunity to gain an insight into my habits and interests. Only through the power of data visualisation have I become aware of the patterns and rhythms in my own existence.

(The tables featured in the photographs are the work of David Cooper)

Additional exhibition work:

  Ben Willers 2012